Lord, teach us how to pray

Lord, teach us how to pray,
Not as the nations do in vain,
But turn us from our way,
And cause us, Lord, to call on You each day—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord, You're the seed of life;
You've sown Yourself into our heart,
And now You have a start;
So day by day more life to us impart—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord Jesus, soften us;
You know the source from which we came.
By calling on Your name,
Lord, let no earth unturned nor rocks remain—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord, how Your light makes clear
That we could not but e'er fail You;
Yet there's a message true,
The seed of life within us will break through—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Make us in spirit poor;
Lord, take whate'er we think we know.
We'll open to life's flow,
And thus take in the life that makes us grow—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord, make us pure in heart;
For we'll be not content until
You all our being fill,
O Lord, renew our mind, emotion, will—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Yes, Lord, impress our heart
That we must take You in each day;
The seed will have its way;
Your growing brings the kingdom here to stay—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Amen!—The growth in life!
There's nothing that Your life can't do;
Our every part renew.
We'll make it, we'll make it just by You.
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Gilbert Martinez

Austin, TX, United States

Praise the Lord Jesus is growing in me for His good purpose.

Annabel Cabiara

Zamboanga, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Yes Lord teach us how to pray your prayers it should be our prayers. Your heart's desire is save the sinners the unsave one the lost sheep to bring them back with You in Your presence to build Your church corporately, the Body as Your bride for eternity...We should pray according to Your will...


Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana

Lord Jesus, I confess I do not know how to pray. Lord Jesus, teach me how to pray and cause me to turn to You, Lord.

Jean Patience MVULA

Likasi, KATANGA, Democratic Republic Of Congo

O Lord, I need You in everything I have to do. I do not know how to pray, so teach me to do it as You like. I love You, dear Jesus.

Gerald R. Chan

Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

I realized that it is not how long we are in the church life, what matters most is our growth in life. Everyday we need a little injection of Christ, an intimate fellowship with our dear Lord, thru these more of His divine elements will be added into us. We need to empty ourselves so that he could have a way to fill us.

John Thompson

Hamilton, New Zealand

Lord, do teach us to pray in Spirit and by the Spirit. This first verse of this song is so true. There are so many people and nations that pray in vain. They pray for themselves and not for building of God's economy.

Lord, be the centre and reality in us, causing us to pray in Spirit. Turn us from our worldy ways in order for You to grow more and more in us.

Karen Murray

Michigan, United States

Praise the Lord for His life. He is our High Priest. This reminds me of Hebrews 7:16-17, and 7:7. "Who has been appointed not according to the law of a fleshy commandment but according to the power of an indestructible life. For it is testified, You are a Priest forever according to the of Melchizedek." Verse 7, "But without dispute, the lesser is blessed by the greater".

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