Lo, the table spread before us

Lo, the table spread before us
  With the bread and with the wine:
Lo, the Savior waiting for us,
  Bidding us to come and dine.
"Come and dine," the Lord is calling,
  "Sup with Me and I with thee"
He's prepared for us this table—
  Let us feast abundantly.
We are feasting with our Savior,
  He with us and we with Him;
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
  Feast of feasts that ne'er will end!
Eating, drinking with Thyself, Lord,
  We are wholly satisfied.
Taste we of that glorious banquet
  Thou wilt share with us, Thy Bride.

Austin, Texas, United States

Thank You Lord, You have call us to dine! Lord, we just want to keep feasting with You!


Enjoyed at the table meeting in Austin, TX on 9/25/2016.

Yao Brammer

Glasgow, Scotland

Amen! Thank You Lord we can feast and enjoy with You!!!!


Pittsburgh, PA, United States

O Lord Jesus we come week by week to You!


California, United States

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