Wonderf'lly, Wonderf'lly

  Wonderf'lly, wonderf'lly,
God made me wonderf'lly,
When I look, I can see I'm just fine.
I'm designed perfectly,
Don't need changed, no sir-ee!
This same face has been in style
A long, long while.
  Ears that hear, they're so dear!
Nose to smell, very well!
And two eyes taking pictures constantly. (click, click)
With my mouth I can feed,
Drink and sing, pray and read
Thank You, Lord, You made me

Wellington, New Zealand

I really, really love this children's song. What with society as it is and peer pressure from peers, children can sing this song and be happy with how God made them. It has a fun tune and wonderful lyrics.

"Thank You, Lord, You made me wonderfully!"