1. We don’t care where you come from,
    We don’t care where you would go.
    Since we meet in the Lord,
    Let us all meet joyfully.
    Things may come to discourage
    And they leave you somewhat sad;
    Let it all go, let it go!
    And let’s sing a melody.
    • Welcome here, our dear friend,
      We’re so glad that you have come,
      Here we all love you,
      And the Lord loves you most.
      In the church we need you now,
      Everything here is for you.
      We wait for you to return,
      Just remember that we’ll think of you.
  2. Won’t you cast off your burdens,
    Put aside all your restraints,
    Sing a song full of joy,
    Breathe in the refreshing air
    Let’s enjoy holy feelings
    Savour sweetness and repose
    Let’s bring home peace and this joy
    So we’ll never be distressed.