There are Times

There are times in my life
When my heart is embittered.
There are questions unanswered,
Yet, You’re drawing me
  To enter
Into Your blessed sanctuary
And turning my eyes heavenward,
The questions of constant inquiry
Are changed to these words,
Whom do I have in heaven
But You, dear Jehovah.
My flesh and my heart
Constantly fail,
  But God’s still
The strength of my heart and my portion;
To Him forever I’ll draw near.
I’ve made Jehovah my sweet refuge.
So now throughout the years
Turn my view to see You,
How I need to see Jesus!!
Though I don’t understand
The ways that You take;
  Lord, make me
A babe and suckling always praising.
Enjoying Your worth day by day.
Let each experience constitute me
So Your life I’ll display
In every way.

Fresno, California, United States

This hymn was given to my husband and I yesterday after losing our baby boy at 5 months of pregnancy. The hymn has been with me as I've reflected on what beauty has come of a dire situation already. The Lord knows so many things that we don't see and He knows what we need for us to be drawn closer to Him. Of course I am sad that I've lost my first born but I am reminded and I've experienced that EVERY situation is an opportunity to turn to the Lord and grow in Him.

"Let each experience constitute me

So Your life I'll display

In every way"


United Kingdom

This song has brought me such hope in my current situation of trials. There are many questions unanswered but Lord, You are drawing me. I consecrate my life to You Lord Jesus.

A slave of Christ

Turn my view to see You.

Febe Oga


Amen, Lord. Continue to strengthen me in my daily living. I want to stay in Your presence all the time that I could praise You whatever situations I may be in. Turn my view to see You. Lord make me a babe and suckling—always praising. I love You Lord Jesus!


Makati City, Philippines

Lord Jesus, You are my only Master whom I follow. Thank You so much for the blessings I enjoy daily. I always desire to consecrate my whole being and loved ones to You. Your being omnipotent I always think of. Continue to preserve me in the church life and dwell in my heart unto eternity.

Mary Joy Cacaldo

Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Oh, Lord Jesus!!!! We love You. How much we need You. You're so great!!!

L. R. A. F.

We need to see the Lord's hand in all the situations we are in. We might be embittered and may not understand, but these are necessary for the breaking of our self. By the Lord's arrangement, one day we will realize that only He is precious and that our eyes should only be set to Him. Once we are dealt with by the Lord, we will realize that all those times, what He desired is for our hearts to be turned back to Him until we become absolute toward Him. May we all have an intimate, sweet, personal, and affectionate relationship with our Lord. May all our experience lead to praises to Him.


Concepcion, Chile

Do you have the hymns in Spanish? I love the hymns and I would sing with the brothers in the house meetings. If any of you have it I would be very grateful.


I love this song.:)))

There are times in my life....


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

AMEN! Such a beautiful piece, has always been among my favorite inspirations.