1. Lord Jesus, I love You.
    You’re my all—
    You’re my all in all.
    You gave me life indeed;
    You’re all I need,
    You’re all I need.
    Real peace and joy I never knew,
    Until in spirit I touched You, so—
    • Lord, I just open up to You;
      I let You do what You want to do.
      Lord, I just give myself to You,
      ’Cause I love You—Lord, I do.
  2. You save me all day long;
    Though I’m weak,
    You’re so strong.
    The flow of life and peace
    Within me shows the way,
    Hour by hour, day by day;
    And if through weakness I should fall,
    You always save me when I call, so—
    (Repeat Chorus)
  3. O Lord, one touch with Thee
    Brought life into me.
    And now I can’t live without You.
    You’re my only delight—
    You’ve made everything right
    With a love that constrains me
    Till I say that—
    (Repeat Chorus)
    You’re my lover—You’re my all.