1. I clasp the hand of Love divine,
    I claim the gracious promise mine,
    And add to His my countersign,
      “I take“—“He undertakes.”
    • I take Thee, blessed Lord,
        I give myself to Thee,
      And Thou, according to Thy word,
          Dost undertake for me.
  2. I take salvation full and free,
    Through Him who gave His life for me,
    He undertakes my all to be,
      “I take“—“He undertakes.”
  3. I take Him as my holiness,
    My spirit’s spotless, heavenly dress,
    I take the Lord, my righteousness,
      “I take“—“He undertakes.”
  4. I take the promised Holy Ghost,
    I take the power of Pentecost,
    To fill me to the uttermost,
      “I take“—“He undertakes.”
  5. I take Him for this mortal frame,
    I take my healing through His Name,
    And all His risen life I claim,
      “I take“—“He undertakes.”
  6. I simply take Him at His word,
    I praise Him that my prayer is heard,
    And claim my answer from the Lord,
      “I take“—“He undertakes.”