God holds the key of all unknown

God holds the key of all unknown,
    And I am glad;
If other hands should hold the key,
Or if He trusted it to me,
    I might be sad.
What if tomorrow’s cares were here,
    Without its rest?
I’d rather He unlocked the day,
And, as the hours swing open, say,
    My will is best.
The very dimness of my sight
    Makes me secure;
For, groping in my misty way,
I feel His hand; I hear Him say,
    My help is sure.
I cannot read His future plans;
    But this I know:
I have the smiling of His face,
And all the refuge of His grace
    While here below.
Enough; this covers all my wants;
    And so I rest;
For what I cannot, He can see,
And in His care I saved shall be,
    Forever blest.
Rita Baliija

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

This is my best hymn, its words soothes my sorrows and heals my wounds. Glory be to the Mighty God for all my answered questions. Bless those who seek to know You more.


Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria

I first heard my mother sing this hymn while going about her household chores some 60 something years ago. She had learnt it while a student at a teachers' college. She loved the hymn so much that she got the words written out and framed in her bedroom. I too love the hymn.

I thank the Lord a million times over when it occurred to me to pass it on recently to my daughter who needs its precious words of reassurance. My daughter promptly sent me this web link and it has been sheer bliss listening to it in the last 10 minutes.

I thank God for this piano piece on the internet. It is most soothing. My God will continuously renew the strength of all of you in charge of this website. Amen.


Scotland, UK, United Kingdom

A good friend sent a link to this lovely hymn - exactly just when I needed reassurance.

The words and music fit so well together.

Sometimes, when I am unsure what tomorrow will bring and the future. looks scary-just knowing that God is by my side helps so much. His love is so much greater than any of our fears, and if I look beyond my disappointments, broken dreams and all that makes me afraid and just focus on Jesus, then, I can only be where I am meant to be.

Thank you for the hymn which I had never heard before.


Kampala, Uganda

This song just makes me forget all my worries and assures me of God's constant presence.

I begin crying whenever I sing it. It is such a confort and I don't know...."I TOTALLY LIKE THIS SONG." I feel like words cannot express what this hymn does to my whole being. I'm indeed blessed and touched.

I love You Jesus.


Dallas, TX, United States

Verse two: "What if tomorrow's cares were here, without its rest?" I like this song because the questions asked here are those my heart asks continually. It is clear pure freedom of heart that is spoke in the answer, "I'd rather He unlocked the day, and as the hours swing open, say, My will is best." That is why I like the song, my heart answers the questions in faith resounding the same way as the lyrics cry out. It is by faith, and not by sight, that I remind myself that He holds the key.

I am honored in knowing God, and finding this worship oriented website. I like its simple expressions of faith in songs of worship.


Conwy, United Kingdom

As a commited Christian I know the words to this hymn are true. In life there will always be times of 'change' I know from personal experience that one thing NEVER changes, that is THE LOVE OF GOD! I pray that everyone who reads the words to this hymn will be blessed by God. I also pray that others will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour and then they will know what TRUE joy is. God bless anyone who reads this comment.

Mary Lou Clunas

Langley, B.C, Canada

Recently, I received a newsletter from a friend who was a missionary in Nigeria for many years and is continuing to work with International students. The letter contained the words of this song which we sang many times at Toronto Bible College back in 1961-62. I have searched in many hymn books, but couldn't find it. Now in my 70's I am delighted to have all the verses. It is so fitting to share with the ladies in our Bible Study group (book of Esther).

John Burns

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

I learnt this hymn as a boy at my mother's piano in Dublin, Ireland eventually singing it as a solo and indeed a duet. It's a very precious hymn to me as I approach the 60th year of my life, having spent the first 58 in Dublin - leaving family and all behind - The words ring so true for me now.

David Johnson

This is the first time I have heard this song. The lyrics are amazing, I was just thinking about how great God's plan for my life has been especially compared to the plans I had for myself, I am so glad He holds the key.

Derrick L Baker

Orlando, Florida, United States

This song gives me hope and consolation especially when I grieve over the death of young friends or relatives.