Christ liveth in me

Once far from God and dead in sin,
  No light my heart could see;
But in God’s Word the light I found,
  Now Christ liveth in me.
  Christ liveth in me,
Christ liveth in me;
Oh! what a salvation this,
  That Christ liveth in me.
As rays of light from yonder sun,
  The flow’rs of earth set free,
So life and light and love come forth
  From Christ living in me.
As lives the flow’r within the seed,
  As in the cone the tree,
So, praise the Christ of truth and grace,
  His Spirit dwelleth in me.
With longing all my heart is filled,
  That like Him I may be,
As on the wondrous thought I dwell
  That Christ liveth in me.

Milwaukee, United States

As rays of light from yonder sun,

The flow’rs of earth set free,

So life and light and love come forth

From Christ living in me.

What a lovely image! Christ within frees me. He frees me to truly live, to be filled with light and to love those around us to the uttermost. Does this verse include a single thing for me to DO? No, not one. We are the vessels made of clay, and we just enjoy this indescribable gift, Christ living in us. Oh receive it, my soul! Oh take this gift as your own, dear reader and hymn enjoyer! God has removed every requirement and every obstacle by fulfilling them in us and for us. My soul, stop your struggles to do what has already been fulfilled in you! Foolish and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! Is this gift too great for you to believe it could be given? Is it too good to be true? Yes, too good to be true, but "no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has the mind of man imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him."

Roger Hsu

Arcadia, CA

Praise Lord Jesus for living inside of us!


Warwick, RI, United States

Praise God He is living in us, saving us and defeating every negative thing in us!


Lord Jesus! Thank You that You are living in us today!

Bob Shleaksy

I like the song a lot.


Irvine, CA, United States

When I first heard this song, I was so touched by the chorus "Christ liveth in me."

It made me feel so safe and sound because I knew that Christ would be with me wherever I go. I'm so glad that our spirits can contain Him!


Irvine, Ca, United States

Christ is not only outside me, but He as the indwelling Christ lives in me.

Daniel Ye

Uc Davis, CA, United States

Christ enliven us, Christ come back, Jesus we love You.

Joselito Cua

Zamboanga, Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines

Christ liveth in me! Oh what a fact that Christ today as the Spirit is living within the believers' spirit! This is the greatest of all blessings we can receive, the Spirit of Christ! through His indwelling Spirit, He is imparting His all in all to us, that we can live Him out and becomes a person in Christ. This is marvelous! Glory to His Name!

Starets Maquiling

Davao, Philippines

Lord Jesus, thank You that You are in our mingle spirit. We can experience living in You in our mingle spirit. If we live in You, we shall enjoy Your salvation day by day! Lord Jesus, we should not be worried and struggled by ourselves but we should simply rest and enjoy ourselves in Your presence. Hallelujah!

In the church meetings, we may enjoy singing, "Christ liveth in me, Christ liveth in me." However, when the meeting is over, we are the ones who live, not Christ. Instead of Christ living in us, our inward being is occupied with ourselves. But if we see the vision of Christ living in us, we shall stop all our doing. How blessed it is to do nothing and to let Christ live in us! The Lord does not want us to try to improve our behavior. He does not want us to try to be a good husband or wife. The Christian life is Christ living in us. In such a life, we and Christ have one life and one living. Christ lives in our living. Oh, we desperately need to see this vision! We need to pray, "Lord, show me the vision that God only wants one Person. He wants Christ to live in me." This vision will spontaneously terminate all of our efforts and doings. It will turn us from our trying to the indwelling Christ.

I appreciate the fact that Christ lives in us. There is even a hymn in our hymnal with this chorus:

Christ liveth in me,

Christ liveth in me;

Oh! what a salvation this,

That Christ liveth in me.

However, simply to say that Christ lives in us is to be too objective. We also need to experience living in Christ and doing all things in Him. What a salvation it is to live in Him! If we live in Him, we shall enjoy His salvation day by day. This salvation can be compared to riding in a car. As long as we remain in the car, we enjoy salvation. When I ride in a car, I am not worried about what direction I am going or anything else. I may rest, pray, or enjoy sight-seeing. I simply rest and enjoy myself. In like manner, when we are in Christ, we should simply rest and enjoy ourselves. We should enjoy the life in Christ.

The burden of this ministry is to produce Christ in the believers. This means that the goal of this ministry is not to teach you to be humble or merely to glorify God in your behavior. Rather, the goal of this ministry is to "inject" you with Christ, to impart Christ as an "antibiotic" to you. The more we receive such an injection, the more we will be able to sing, "Christ liveth in me,/Christ liveth in me;/Oh! what a salvation this,/That Christ liveth in me" (Hymns, #507). On the one hand, this injection of Christ will kill our old man; on the other hand, it will make us producers of Christ, those who minister Christ to others.