1. I will get me to the mountain,
      I will get me to the hill;
    In Thy death and resurrection,
      Jesus, take me deeper still.
    • I will get me to the mountain,
      Willingly would get me there.
      All my self fore’er forsaking,
      One with Thee, O Lord,
          Thy death to share.
  2. Still at times I sense the shadows
      Of my nature, untransformed;
    Lord, I’ll go unto the mountain,
      To Thy death to be conformed.
  3. On the mountain till the daybreak,
      Linger I, Lord, thus with Thee,
    May Thy all-transforming Spirit
      Saturate me thoroughly.
  4. Mingled with Thee on the mountain,
      Soon my sun begins to shine;
    Death has worked her deep impression,
      Now my nature’s one with Thine.