If Thou wouldst deal with me

If Thou wouldst deal with me,
How could my hands contend?
If Thou resist with might,
What heart could e’er withstand?
Shall he who’s molded say:
Why didst Thou thus make me?
Though Jacob strive and wrest,
Eventually he’ll see:
  What depth of wisdom and knowledge,
His ways untraceable!
I rest myself in Thy wise hand,
Most sov’reign and most faithful!
Lord, can no righteousness,
Be found upon the earth?
The tambourine and lyre,
Have ceased to bring me mirth.
Yet in Thy dwelling place,
I saw the wicked’s end.
Thy counsel guides me still,
Thou leadest by Thy hand.
The broken, contrite heart,
Is ne’er despised by Thee;
My many wicked sins
Have henceforth humbled me!
The sinner’s vile offense,
To God’s forgiveness wed,
Brings forth the builded work;
To Zion thus I’m led.
Trevor Kasyoka

Nairobi - Makueni - Makindu, Nairobi, Kenya

So touched by the song, the wrestle of the molded and the surrender and the ushering into Zion! I love the Lord!