Open Vessel

  Lord, thank You that it’s normal to love You,
And thank You that it’s normal to need You,
Another day I ask You to make Your home in my heart,
Your Spirit in my spirit’s dispensing,
Although sometimes the growth I’m not sensing,
I’m happy just to give You my open vessel in faith.
  So Lord today, in the normal ways,
By the dawning of Your face,
Don’t leave any part of my will and heart,
Separated from your grace.
Give Yourself to me,
May Your Spirit lead,
Keep me opening,
All the little things,
And so lovingly, You can do all things spontaneously!

Anaheim, California, United States

It’s normal not to sense growth.


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Amen! I love this hymn as a young person and learned it at a YP blending conference. During the junior high blending conference, we sang it 3 times in a day and it touched me! Praise the Lord!

John Michael

Fairborn, United States

Lord, don’t leave any part of my will and heart separated from your grace!

Bethany Tafoya

Missoula, MT, United States

Lord thank You that it's normal to love You! Thank You that it's normal to need You!! We just tell You, we need You and we love You!!!