A Little More, Each Day

Lord, it seems
That I fail and fail again.
I see Your face,
But then the veils return again.
Emotion’s stirred, but there’s no change in me.
I’m living in my soul; I have to learn
A little more, each day, O Lord, to turn.
Lord, I know
That I’ve truly seen You, but
The vision fades;
I look away to other things.
Remind me, Lord, reveal Yourself to me,
That from my idols I would be set free.
A little more, each day, I want to see.
Lord, my mind
Is occupied with many things—
This thorny age,
With all of its anxieties.
My faith is weak; I’m caught up in my cares.
I need to learn to tell it all to You!
A little more, each day, my mind renew.
Lord, my will
Is resistant to Your touch.
Disarm me, Lord;
Don’t let me win against Your grace.
I turn my eyes and see Your patient love—
What can I do but stop and come to You?
A little more, each day, my will subdue.
Lord, I pray,
Make me desperate for You.
Keep drawing me
And training me to hear Your voice.
Lord, even though my progress is so slow,
You’re by my side; You will not let me go.
A little more, each day, I’d love You so.
A little more, each day, and I will grow.
Zoe Bong



Little by little,

day by day,

bit by bit.

Richly Joy

Antipolo, Cogoe Village, Philippines

Amen Praise The Lord

Joy G. Benitez

Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines

I love You Lord each day.

May we linger in Your presence for Your satiafaction...

Sometimes we fail but You are to remind us of Your presence to take You as life and our person..

Praise You!!!

Evangeline Abelo

Baliangao, Misamis Occ., Philippines

Amen indeed Jesus Christ is our all inclusive, Praise Him