I’m Very Encouraged

  I’m very encouraged, my Lord is Jesus Christ,
I’m very encouraged, I have eternal life;
For God my Father has chosen me in love,
And through His Spirit I’m joined to His Beloved!
Christ’s work is my faith, My trust is all in Him,
And my salvation has glory as its end.
Now through the gospel, Christ’s vict’ry is my claim,
And through His ministry in life I am the same.
Now Him who loved us is comfort, hope, and grace,
As we anticipate His coming, shining face!
You can repeat using “Don’t be discouraged”
  and change to third person.

Houston, TX, United States

beautiful comment! you’re a source of encouragement to others :) our Lord is Jesus Christ!

Bethany Y

Houston, TX, United States

I was discouraged, but now I’m encouraged! And now through my experience, I can tell others “don’t be discouraged!”

We have Jesus Christ as Lord, eternal life, have been chosen in love, and are joined to His Beloved!