What a day when Christ reached me

What a day when Christ reached me
And freely gave to me His Spirit!
What an hour and moment sweet
When Christ saved me—not by my merit!
Shed His blood upon the cross,
Died to save the weak and lost;
This I saw and I believed,
That Jesus died and rose for me!
Who could change a soul like mine?
The life I lived—God was so distant;
He arranged the day and time—
Salvation came, and in an instant!
Touched my sight; His light came in;
Words of light shined on my sins!
What a change my God has done!
I’m one with Christ, the risen Son!
Now I’m free—yes, free in Christ—
For all my chains my God has broken!
From that hold of sin and death,
My God has freed! For He has spoken:
“If the Son has set you free,
You are free, yes, free indeed!”
On the cross, Christ died for me
And bore my sins upon the tree!
Now I rest from all my strife,
For all my works could never save me!
I depend on Christ my life,
My Strength, my Hope, my Rock, my Safety!
Not of works—’tis all by grace!
Rest in Him—my Dwelling Place!
What supply my Savior gives,
“Because He lives, I also live!”
Day by day, I now receive
Abundant grace, and without measure;
When I call His precious Name,
He fills my heart with streams of pleasure!
Call His Name and take God in!
Let Him fill you to the brim!
Let His Spirit fill your soul,
Till with His joy you overflow!