Oh, sunshine I find in my Savior!

Oh, sunshine I find in my Savior!
His rays now illuminate me!
Effulgence that overcomes darkness
Releases and satisfies me.
Thy beaming and Thy beauty
Enlighten my inner sight.
The entrance of Thy word gives light,
And floods me with radiance bright!
As day after day is unfolding,
And hours and moments pass by,
Keep granting Thy fresh visitation,
Thy countenance, each time I rise.
Thy goodness and Thy glory
Infuse me, time after time,
Thy rich supply strengthening me,
Thy Spirit to mingle with mine.
Thou art the true light, O Lord Jesus;
In Thee all my steps are so clear;
With Thee I’m in fellowship’s sweetness;
Thy sin-cleansing blood brings Thee near.
Thy presence with Thy promise,
A great lamp, leadeth me on!
When my dark heart Thou entered in,
Thy light changed my sighing to song!
Eternal Light, brightness unchanging,
Thou reachest me, scatt’ring all gloom;
With Thee is the fountain of life, Lord;
In Thy light, life in me doth bloom.
Thy wonders and Thy workings
Have touched me by Thy word’s light!
My God who said, “Let there be light!”
Is living and speaking inside!
From darkness to light, Lord Thou brought me;
Fresh mercies descend from above;
With saints in Thy kingdom rejoicing,
Announcing Thy life and Thy love!
Thy vict’ry and Thy virtues,
Exhibit light to all men,
In newness, through Thy City shine,
Bright, glorious Jerusalem!

Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Lovely indeed song of the saints in Christ, amen