Oh, what a glorious day!

Oh, what a glorious day!
God sent His Christ, the “true light,”
Coming to men in His grace,
Scattering night, giving sight,
Shined, while in darkness I strayed,
And, as “great light,” drew me nigh,
Cleansed and forgave when I prayed;
Entered me, filled me with life!
  Shining in me! Shining in me!
Oh, rays of light that rise in me!
Scatters my darkness that I may see,
Jesus my Savior, shining in me!
His Word enlightens my ways;
His Word the Spirit imparts;
Here, as we meet face to face,
Glories of Christ fill my heart!
His words are spirit and life;
Fill me with radiance divine!
Bright Morning Star here I find;
Rising in this heart of mine!
The Triune God in me shines,
Increase of glory bestows;
His life and mine intertwine,
Till in His image I glow!
With all the saints in His light,
Ruled by His sweet flow of life
Till, in us no trace of night,
We as that City shine bright!