’Tis so Sweet to Read My Bible

’Tis so sweet to read my Bible,
Word by word and day by day;
As I read the Lord speaks to me!
On His word I’ll ever stay.
  Word by word! Word by word!
I would read my Bible.
Oh how dear, Him to hear,
As I read my Bible.
There’s a feast spread in the Bible,
For His word is man’s true food.
How I long to eat more, for I,
Have tasted the Lord is good.
So much wealth is in the Bible,
Mine its words for precious ore.
In it I find all God’s riches,
They become my treasure store!
Words of love are in the Bible,
Unveiling the Author’s heart.
These words draw and woo His seekers,
Making them His counterpart.
Yet, most precious in the Bible,
Is not wisdom, truth and grace.
But behind its words is Jesus!
I behold Him face to face.
  Face to face! Face to face!
While I read my Bible.
He is near, He is here,
As I read my Bible.

London, United Kingdom

But behind its words is Jesus!

Joe Syh

Shreveport, LA, United States

Got up early for nothing else but to read my Bible is so rewarding. Loving the invisible God by reading visible Word, He is so near, dear.


Tracy, CA, United States

Thank you. I needed this. Google help me find you. I'll be back. thank you. God blessed me with you

Lauren Bennett

Houston, TX, United States

What a precious song. It IS so good to read the Bible. Lord, please make this each one of our experiences.