The Jubilee of Grace

This is the year of Jubilee,
The year of grace to men;
Christ is the Jubilee to us
To free from every sin.
When living in the Jubilee
There’s freedom in the Lord;
Enjoying our inheritance
With saints in one accord.
  Jubilee! Jubilee!
The Spirit is upon Me
To cause the blind to see.
Jubilee! Jubilee!
Announce the gospel to the poor...
Open up the prison doors...
Come let us enjoy the Lord...
And be set free!
The Jubilee is Christ the feast,
Enjoyed by all who eat;
We take Him as our dwelling place
To have true rest and peace;
The secret of the Jubilee
Is gaining Christ, our rest;
With Christ in us and us in Christ,
Our life is really blessed.
The living in the Jubilee
Is Christ lived out in us;
Through every trial and circumstance,
Christ reigns victorious;
Release your voice, proclaim the news
To all the captured ones,
Rejoicing, thanking, praising God
Until the kingdom comes!
Jachin Chyn

Los Angeles, California, United States

Thank you Lord, we were blind but now we see!

We’re set free!

I love the Jubilee!

Brionna Johnson

San Marcos, Texas, United States

Come let us enjoy the Lord!! The Lord cares for our enjoyment!