Lord, I open to Your light

Lord, I open to Your light
That I vanquished be.
Mend with balm anointing life;
Build Yourself in me,
And adorn my being.
I would walk as if one blind,
Faith my only guide,
Understanding cast behind,
As a veil of night,
That I know real sight.
Sun of revelation, rise!
Gush, O vital stream!
That by light and flowing life,
Living I would be,
Fully one with Thee.
Fruit most fragrant may You find,
Bursting with Your life,
Fully ready, wholly ripe,
Pleasing in Your sight;
You I would delight.
Come, dear hand of mercy, bring
Grace full supply!
For a love-filled out-pouring
Of my very life
On Your Body, Christ.