O Father God, how faithful You are

O Father God, how faithful You
Are through eternity;
For Your eternal purpose You
Are faithful now in me.
  How stedfast is Thy faithfulness!
For this I worship Thee;
It is established in the heav’n,
And ever stands for me.
You’ve called us into fellowship
Of Your dear Son, our Lord,
That He may be our portion full,
Our center, our accord.
Though we unfaithful oft will be,
Yet You are faithful still,
Though not for human welfare but
For Your eternal will.
Since we’ve believed into Your Son
Some losses You’ve allowed
That we from broken cisterns turn
To drink our Fountain-God.
Your faithfulness has led us in
To Your economy,
Where Christ we all enjoy that You
In us may increased be.
The living water’s faithful flow
We drink and shout, Amen;
The destination of this flow
The New Jerusalem.
Robert Fernandez

Livonia, MI, United States

What a timely and watering flow! How stedfast is Thy faithfulness! May He water the whole earth from this fountain head.