O how deep and e’er expanding (Alternate Tune)

O how deep and e’er expanding
Is my love, dear Lord, to Thee!
Thy love’s depth, I cannot fathom;
It constrains me ceaselessly.
Like a strong tide pressed upon me,
It surrounds on every side!
By Thy love engulfed entirely,
In Thy perfect will I ’bide.
By Thy blood, Lord, I’ve been purchased;
Thou hast paid the highest price;
‘Tis the basis of my offering
As a living sacrifice.
I love Thee, for Thou first loved me;
As more love I daily see,
Thy love greatly motivates me
Willingly to live for Thee!
Yet, the service Thou desirest
Must not from my self be brought;
Thou wouldst have me open to Thee,
For Thy love’s work to be wrought.
In my heart, Thy home establish;
Reproduce Thyself in me;
Built with others in Thy Body,
For Thy service meet I’d be.
Lord, like Mary, to Thee listening,
At Thy feet, so lovingly,
Hearing Thy dear heart’s intention,
Revelation I’ll receive.
Lord, I break my flask, most precious;
My heart’s treasury outpour;
Fill Thy house with sweetest fragrance,
A memorial evermore!