Eat the Scroll of God’s Word

God dispenses riches
To us in His word,
Feeds our inner being;
Growth in life is spurred.
God Himself is mingled
With us as we dine,
Constituting us with
Elements divine.
Find the word and eat it,
Letting it become
Both our joy and gladness,
Present and to come.
God with life supplies us,
Nourishing and sweet,
To feed others with His
Life supply complete.
All that God has spoken
Treasure in your heart.
Go and speak with blessings,
God to man impart.
Let God’s word, devoured,
Fill your heart and soul;
Pour out from the storehouse
Found within the scroll.
Every word of Scripture
Is a worthy prayer,
Matchless in expression,
Gateway to God’s care.
Fill each inward part with
God’s indwelling word;
Let it touch your conscience,
Fellowship assured.
Let God’s light shine deeply,
Inward parts to search.
Then, with revelation,
Speak to build the church.
God in Christ is speaking
In His awesome move;
As four living creatures,
We His speaking prove.
Eat the scroll of Scripture!
Utter what God speaks!
Prophesy in spirit,
Strong in word, yet meek,
Faithfully discharging
Life to all who hear,
In divine dispensing,
Filled as God draws near.
Take the scroll now opened
In the hand of Christ
And with glad reception
Eat the words of life.
Every word proceeds out
Through the mouth of God,
Oracles of utterance
Ministering God.
God dispenses riches
To us in His word,
Feeding us for building,
In God’s life secured.
By this rich dispensing,
God supplied within,
We become God’s building,
New Jerusalem.