The Meal Offering Church Life

In Christ, two natures mingled,
The human with divine;
The Spirit, thus compounded,
Blent oil with flour fine
To form a cake, an offering,
First unto God supplied;
Then pieces fed the priesthood;
Thus both were satisfied.
  The meal offering church life
That we enjoy today
Is satisfying God with Christ
And nourishing us with Christ for aye.
Like Christ, the church is mingled
With Christ’s humanity,
Included in the Spirit,
In life essentially.
The content of the church life,
Both excellent and fine,
Is Spirit-filled and living.
‘Tis God and man combined.
The church, Christ’s reproduction,
Meets God’s need corporately
As we express Christ’s essence,
His dear humanity,
His fragrant resurrection,
His living by the cross;
Rejecting honey, leaven,
Accounting them but loss.
The taste of salt preserves us;
’Tis salt that we prefer;
The cross is in the Spirit,
It’s termination sure.
Here, salt kills all corruption,
Preserving what is pure,
And brings in resurrection
As we our spirits stir.
The cake of this meal offering,
Christ’s human life supplied,
Bears resurrection’s fragrance
As frankincense ascribed.
The cross with resurrection
In Christ’s humanity,
Within the compound Spirit,
Is our reality.
The life we live in spirit
The meetings here display
As we present our offering
And God to man convey.
The atmosphere of feasting
A testimony bears—
God has received His portion
And with us all He shares.
The fullness of the mingling,
Where God and man are one,
Is worked out in our living
As we enjoy the Son!
The consummate enlargement—
God fully blent with man—
Is still a cake for feasting!
The New Jerusalem!