Can we forget Thy coming

Can we forget Thy coming,
The dawning of the day?
Two days have passed before us;
Oh, third day don’t delay!
How long wilt Thou yet tarry?
How long Thy coming stay?
We long for Thine appearing!
Wouldst Thou e’en come today?
  Come quickly, Oh, come quickly!
Make haste to come again!
We long to be e’er with Thee;
Come quickly, Lord! Amen.
Now in night’s darkest hour
The hope of glory shines,
Thy Word a lamp in darkness
Prophetically reminds;
The sureness of Thy coming
As dawn’s prevailing ray
Shines brighter, ever brighter,
Unto the perfect day.
The echo of the ages
Doth summon Thy return,
Reflecting Thine own promise
From countless hearts that yearn;
Oh, that Thou wouldst give heed, Lord,
To our most fervent plea:
Make haste with Thine appearing
   And take us up to Thee!
With eyes on the horizon,
Eastward our hearts incline,
Still going forth to meet Thee
Till daybreak’s glimmer shines
Rise, Morning Star, within us
Till to the full degree
We’d be with Thee forever
In rapturous ecstasy.