Another new day

  Lord, I thank You for another new day to live You;
Another day for me to practise being one spirit with You.
Remind me this whole day to reject my self,
Not to trust myself,
And not to live by myself.
Strengthen me to live by You.
Make this a day for me to live You out.
Taking You as my everything,
Abiding in You as a branch in the vine.
Loucil Grace

Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Thank you Lord for always reminding us to live You out, to trust and abide in You.


Tirana, Albania

Taking You as my everything,


SF, CA, United States

Thank You, Lord, for everything!

You alone are our Hope.

All glory to You.

Love You - Always.

李 菲 麗

NC, United States

O Lord, what a mercy, grace and love for giving me another day! I offer this day. Lord, this day is Yours. Lead me to spend every second in You and with You!

Marizol Tejero


Lord thank You.

Meenjameel Ul-haq

Malabon, Philippines

Oh! Lord Jesus I love you, this song streghten the love that I have for you Lord,cause not to trust myself but to trust only you through the mingled Spirit..

Faith Ting

MIRI, 98000, Malaysia

Oh Lord, give us grace and teach us how not live by ourselves, but to live in You, grafted into You, and always abiding in You thoroughly. Lord, how we praise You that You're the all-inclusive One, that we may gain life and everything from You. We love You Lord.

Lin Lan

United States

Oh Lord remind me not to trust in myself or to live by myself! Everyday is a new day, and even though the world might remember us by our accomplishments and failures, Christ will renew us if we turn to Him! Praise the Lord for His mercy that we can forget yesterday and pursue today!


Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

I love this song. It will be a reminder for me everyday! Lord I love You!


Laguna, Los Banos, Philippines

I love this song because it tells me how we pray.

In order to live Christ we must take Him as our person and as our life. Although I have made progress in this matter, I admit that still my practice is not very successful. Almost every morning I pray, "Lord, I thank You for another day to practice living You. Lord, in myself, I cannot do this. I ask You to remind me to live You and grant me the grace I need for this."