God has a dream

  God has a dream, this is what He’s wanting.
God has a dream, and we are part of it.
God has a dream...that we may be one with Him.
God has a dream...realized in you and me!
God, you and me...a dwelling place to be.
God in man, and man in God: one entity.
Now, it’s my dream...my vision and life to be!
God has a dream...realized in you and me!

United States

Praise the Lord for revealing His heavenly dream to us! May we all pursue this dream and togather build up the Body of Christ!

Jesreel B Lasaga

Cagayan De Oro City, Mis. Or, Philippines

Praise the Lord. God Has a dream. This dream is God's economy that man may be one with God, God may be one with God. Moment by moment we need to be one with God.

Leo Lan

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

God in man, and man in God: one entity.

Divinity itself is beautiful. It has all the attributes that man try to achieve. But PRAISE THE LORD! God LOVES Divinity IN Humanity! He took on this ugly, horrible humanity and expressed Himself in it! What a romance!

Chitu Okoli

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Lord, make Your dream our dream! May this Your dream swallow up all our little dreams!

Badz Adavan

Pagadian, Zambo Sur, Philippines

May God's dream be our dream as well! Amen!

Becky Oekerman

Austin, Texas, United States

How absolutely marvelous that all over the earth so many are being captured by this dream in reality! Our God is flowing!

Samuel Chiu

Zamboanga City, Philippines

A dream...His dream... "Christ and the church!!!"


Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Hallelujah!! God has a dream , God in man and man in God-one entity!! Praise the Lord for His Body!

Christopher Chiu

Bloomfield, Michigan, United States

May this vision capture us, change our entire being, re-constitute us, uphold us, carry us, direct us, govern us, give us endurance, preserve us, keep us in oneness and bring us into God's up-to-date move. (cf. 2008 winter training)

Jonab Gama

Vioria Da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil

We learn this song in proofreading of Recovery Version in Portuguese, in Campos do Jordo, SP, Brasil. It was a sweet time there. Our heart was warm up with this song. Thank the Lord; we are part of His dream! Now, it's our dream; our vision and our life! We have the same dream! Oh, Lord! Hallelujah!