Lord, in these days I want to set my heart

Lord, write Your law, inscribe on our hearts,
That this law of life, would of us be part,
We are so hopeless, yet we hope in Him,
Preparing a way for Christ to come in.
  Lord, in these days I want to set my heart,
Ever and only, always on You,
That I would not defiled be,
Keeping my heart so single and pure for Thee.
Lord, as the fountain You’d want us to drink,
Always supplying, it’s my only link,
Staying connected to this precious flow,
Planting my roots here that they would grow.
You are the Potter, we are the clay,
Form now the church, Your expression today,
In Christ there’s nothing that we may lack,
As now Your Body, we’d bring You back.

Please upload the melody to this!! :)


Lagos, Nigeria

If we do not want to be defiled in this crooked and perverted generation, we just only need to set our hearts ever and only on the Lord Jesus. Setting our hearts on the Lord preserves and keeps us undefiled. Amen.