Lord, I love You, I desire You

Lord, I love You,
I desire You;
No pleasure, prospects on this earth compare to You.
Lord, I love You,
I treasure You;
No fame nor riches of this world compete with You.
Lord, who have I
In heaven but You,
There’s none on earth
I desire but You;
You are my all,
My All in all;
Lord Jesus, I just love You,
I love only You.
Lord, I love You,
I now choose You;
No love, nor praises of men can e’er replace You.
Lord, I love You,
I lay hold of You;
No hope, no expectation I have ’part from You.
Lord, who have I
In heaven but You;
There’s none on earth
I desire but You;
You’re my first love,
My final love;
I give my life and all
To love and follow You.
Lord, I love You,
I pursue You;
No person, object in this life can e’er match You.
Lord, I love You,
I run after You;
You are my life, my aim, my goal and future too.
Lord, who have I
In heaven but You;
There’s none on earth
I desire but You;
I give my heart,
Lord, now to You;
Lord make me a drink off’ring here
To satisfy You.

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Lord I love you!


Boyle Heights, CA, United States

For the first time I can sing this hymn with my all, beause He is my all in all. He is the one who makes me glad, He is the one who defends, and vindicates. He is a person to be experienced, not a concept to apply. He is the One True God, the only worthy of being called Lord, the great Counselor and Father whom we call Poppa, our sweet protector and guide. He is above all, the self-existing One, the Name above all names, He puts His enemies beneath Him and His friends in the heavenlies, He is the Most High God and there is no other. To Him be the glory and the Power, forever and ever.

Svetlana Sekerina

Giessen, Germany

I really love You. I consecrate myself to You. Because I love You, oh, precious Lord Jesus

Nguyen Thi Duy Ai

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Amen! Lord I love You, I desire You. No one and nothing can compare to You! Oh Lord Jesus!

Nguyen Minh Khanh

BienHoa,DongNai,VietNam, Vietnam

Oh, Lord I love You, I desire You...

Fisherman's Daughter

Dana Point, Ca, Iceland

He is my Creator and He's the only one that knows me and love me the most. In sadness and in joy, Him I love and give praises. He hears my cry at night and comfort me and protect me. The painful tears I cry, the sweeter His love for me... to Thee I give my love and life.


Kampala, Uganda

This is one of the sweetest songs...Lord whom have I, in heaven but You? There's none on earth, I desire but You...You are my first love, my only love. Lord Jesus, I love You, I love only You.


Bath, United Kingdom

Today I read Philippians ch. 3, and I really appreciate Paul's pattern. He loves the Lord Jesus, on aacount of whom he has suffered the loss of all things. Sometimes our experience just stops here, and we will painful when we are deprived of what we desire. But for Paul, on account this most precious and lovly person in the whole universe, he not only suffered the loss AND count them as refuse so that he may gain Christ!

To be honest, sometimes there are still many things in the world that are very attractive to us. But everything that prevents us from gaining Christ is really refuse.

Lord, I love You. Nothing on this earth can compare to You. :)

darlington david

Guangzhou China, Guangdong, China

I so much cherish to serve our Master and our Lord Jesus Christ, back home in Nigeria and here in China I feel his presence all around me. It is much good to praise GOD with these lovely songs and more. Praise God.

Lydia Liu

Hamilton, New Zealand

This is such a sweet song. :) It really reminds us how we should just turn to the Lord and love Him with our first and best love. The Lord is much greater than the universe, how could He not be so lovely to us? We simply just need to love Him. Nothing but love can keep us in a proper relationship with the Lord. :)