Good morning, Lord Jesus

Good morning, Lord Jesus,
Thank You for today.
Thank You for my spirit,
Thank You I can pray.
Good morning, Lord Jesus,
To You I love to sing.
Thank You, Lord, for everything.

Yerevan, Armenia

O Lord Jesus thank You for today, thank You for my spirit, thank You I can pray. Lord Jesus I love You, You're so precious to me. You're so dear to me my Lord.


Yerevan, Armenia

Dearest Lord, thank You for everything!


Houston, TX, United States

When I was a younger brother in the Lord, the brother that brought me into the church life taught me this song. Little did I know that this song was one of the few things the Lord used to keep me. I fell away for 15 years only to come back home and continue to run the race and pursue righteousness out of faith. In my dark time away from the Body the Lord used this song to keep my heart soft so it can be used only for His purpose. God became a man so that man might enter into the joy, rest, and the expression of divinity. What a God we have that sent His only begotten Son into the restriction of human-living and the suffering of the cross. The cross is only a bad thing if you are eating of the wrong tree. Pray that the Lord would keep you close to His heart so that the cross would always be a blessing to you. Praise the Lord we have such a God. We now can be one with Him in life, essence, and partake of the full enjoyment of His divinity.

Karen Faith Tunay

Iligan City, Philippines

Amen! I always sing this song whenever I wake up and have my intimate fellowship with the Lord. It feels so good when you sing to the Lord and thanking Him for all the blessings He has bestowed upon you. My Lord and I are growing closer and closer each day.


Southampton, Bermuda

I love this. Never heard it before, but Good Morning Lord Jesus as I get into prayer.

Dora Yao

Long Island, New York, United States

Yes! Good morning Lord Jesus!!! Thank You for a new day...thank You we can pray and give thanks. Your mercy is new every morning. Such a simple renewing to sing first thing in the morning. We need to humble ourselves to the mind of a child to love the Lord in a simple way. Sometimes we make turning to the Lord so complicated! When we sometimes just need to say - thank You Lord! Thank You for my spirit! Thank You I can pray! To You, I love to sing!


Richmond, B.C., Canada

I like this song because it refines and freshens your heart and lets you open wide on to Jesus too.


Auckland, New Zealand

A lovely hymn to start the day afresh and new in Christ! Thank You Lord :)


Suwon, South Korea

Hi! brother and sister in the Jesus


Banggay Dorothy

Polomolok,South Cotabato, Philippines

In this we are reminded that everyday we need to be renewed. Through enjoying the Lord every morning. How good it is that we have the Lord being mingled, united and incorporated into us, Lord Jesus I love You!!!!!!