Jesus, Lord Jesus

Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Lord, You’re rich to all,
Unto those who call
Your highest name above all.

Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Oh, Your name most precious!
Lord, You are so glorious!
Lord, You’re so marvelous!
  Highest name above all names!
Call on Him and He will save.
Jesus, Lord Jesus,
Oh most precious name!
Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Why would Christians feel ashamed
And not call Your precious name?
That is the devil’s scheme.

Jesus, Lord Jesus!
All my friends they tell me
I have changed completely.
You satisfy me thoroughly.
Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Calling Your dear Person,
Once I was opposing,
But now I am enjoying.

Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Let me call You all day long.
To the world that’s something wrong.
Your precious name, the sweetest song.
Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Oh, the devil’s trembling!
When we all start calling
The enemy we’re crushing!

Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Lord, You’re not a doctrine
In the mind for thinking
But Your dear name’s so refreshing!
Jesus, Lord Jesus!
How I love to touch You!
It’s by calling on You!
No other One will do!

Jesus, Lord Jesus!
As I call, I’m drinking,
Triune God partaking.
Lord, You’re my cup of salvation!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Lord Your never grows old! Always new and fresh.


New York, U.S.A.

This hymn really touches me. It brings me back to calling on the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus. Oh how refreshing it is just to call upon His name. It all started in the 3rd generation, when "men began to call upon the name of Jehovah". Jesus actually means Jehovah the Savior or Jehovah saves. How we need to be saved from so many things. Even more so, when we call upon the name of the Lord Jesus, "the devil's trembling". Oh Lord Jesus! Out of loving You we call upon Your name. Thank You for giving to us Your name. May we never be ashamed of calling upon Your name. Remind us dear Lord at any time and at every place we can call. We love You-we love Your name. AMEN.

Stephen Nisbett St

New York, U.S.A.

This tune has a catchy easy to learn tune that I can see my youth group being blessed by it. Also the words are very meaningful.