O hope of glory, our Christ will return

O hope of glory, our Christ will return!
  We will be raptured, with glory transformed;
Glorified with Him, Himself to enjoy,
  In His full likeness we then will be formed.
  Glorious hope! Christ will return!
Glorious hope! Christ will return!
We will be raptured, with glory transformed;
  O hope of glory, our Christ will return!
O hope of glory, our Christ will return!
  The old creation will vanish away,
No more we’ll groan, but have full liberty.
  Enjoy salvation in its utmost way.
O hope of glory, our Christ will return!
  Over the nations with Him we will reign,
Priests we will be in His presence to serve,
  Thus His salvation in fulness we’ll gain.
O hope of glory, our Christ will return!
  Waiting and watching, we faithfully serve,
Running the race, pressing on toward the goal
  That we the Kingdom’s reward might deserve.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Nathan David Reilly

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Praise the Lord! This is the first to receive His ultimate reward, and that is NEW JERUSALEM, God's City, as one big family a living pattern for His kingdom life an golden Age, which is to come, living overcomers a marching soldiers, living a God -Man living, so that, we bring Jesus back. As Paul had did for God's testimony, economy and work. We must follow His pattern, to gain His ultimate bridal army fulfilling God's plan. In love, fellowship, blending, and shepherding, is the only way to become an Living organisi. We are not perfect, in anyway, but Father God knows how to minister into us, so that the us a living Churches His Body, , He will ascend, and we will descend. HALLELUJAH!

Ondrej Štefurik

Bratislava, Slovakia

Romans 13:11 And this, knowing the time, that it is already the hour for you to be raised from sleep; for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

Our salvation: Referring to the final step of salvation, the redemption of our body, the full sonship revealed in Rom. 8:19, 21, 23.

Lord Jesus we love You!


NJ, United States

First impressions last: When first reading and singing this song, there was a distinct feeling of lack; a shortage in desire for the Lord's return. Upon further review of the entire song, there was a renewed feeling of longing. We do love Him and yet other things might busy us away from the pure hope of being with Him, of being like Him and of His personal reward to each who 'sacrifice' today for Him. If we just continue to press on, day by day to "go out of the world to meet Him", Jesus our Lord, then more and more we will enter into the rich experience of this song. As to the world, self and sin, we groan and long to be released. As to Him, we just want to be "where He is". This is His promise to those who serve Him today: "If anyone serves Me,....Where I am, there also My servant will be." John 12:26

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