Along the shores of Galilee

Along the shores of Galilee,
  When Christ five thousand fed,
Not one was omitted
  In the breaking of the bread.
Today they die in heathen lands,
  They die in want and dread,
For they have been omitted
  In the breaking of the Bread.
  Lord, I would give them the Bread of Life,
  The Living Water too;
My heart cries out, “Oh, here am I,
    Ready, Thy will to do.”
Long years have passed and few have heard
  That Jesus Christ has bled,
That they might feed on Him who died
  To be that Living Bread.
To gods of stone and wood they cry,
  Yet they are never fed,
For they have been omitted
  In the breaking of the Bread.
Great God, who gave Thine only Son,
  Help us, now Spirit-led,
To tell the story of Thy love
  To those who ask for bread.
Then gladly will we go or send,
  Till this blest news has spread,
And they have been included
  In the breaking of the Bread.
Gary D Herr

Fargo, ND, United States

I have it in a little green spiral chorus book produced by Bible Memory Association, Inc. P. O. Box 12000, St. Louis, MO "Making Melody" Popular Choruses and Hymns.

Karen Esson

Pensacola, FL, United States

I used to have the book with this song in it. I need all four parts, just can't remember the name of the book. Does anyone know the name of the book, or where I might find it.

Thank you so much.


Lowell, AR, United States

This has an unusual minor key in the verse, changing to a major key in the refrain. It has a sound similar to Jewish music. I like it.