I saw great throngs—each was a brother dear

I saw great throngs—each was a brother dear,
Linked with each other in one Body here;
Each in close union with the living Head,
The witness-folk, by Jesus’ Spirit led.
At every time, in every clime I found
Those, not with words to Christ, but Spirit bound.
He strengthens them with might each day, each hour;
Through them true works divine are wrought in power.
This is the Church the Spirit hath begot,
Elect from every people, Christ their lot.
They follow where His shepherd-staff doth lead;
The members of this host are blessed indeed.
And when on earth they meet His death to show,
To Him their vows of love they oft renew.
Some little flock will gather there or here;
Christ, Head of all, to every soul most near.
This is the temple which our Lord approves,
The Church which truly honors Him and loves,
Whose sacrifice is on the altar bound;
She soon in glory will His throne surround.