To those who fear Jehovah’s name

To those who fear Jehovah’s name
How sweet the word the prophet brings:
The Sun of Righteousness shall rise
  With healing in His wings.
It is to those that fear His name
His healing power the Savior brings;
Oh, let us hide with contrite hearts
  Beneath His healing wings.
He is the Sun of Righteousness;
And while to sin our being clings
We cannot know His healing touch
  Or rest beneath His wings.
It is His wings that heal our pains
And soothe the serpent’s poisoned stings;
Close to His bosom we must press
  To feel His healing wings.
Beneath those healing wings I rest,
While all my heart with rapture sings:
The Sun of Righteousness has risen
  With healing in His wings.


Beautiful tune n easy to follow the music n momentum to sing along.

John MacDonald

Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

I love it how this hymn brings out three things we can learn from this verse in Malachi.

1. The healing is for those who FEAR HIS NAME, so we must have contrite hearts before Him.

2. He is the Sun of RIGHTEOUSNESS, so we need to depart from any unrighteousness in our lives if we would enjoy this healing.

3. The healing is in His WINGS, so it's not the rays from a distant sun that heal us, but we must cling close to Him to be under His healing wings.

So stanza's 2-4 show the three conditions for us to have the healing shown in this verse. We have so much need of healing!! As sinners born into this world we have so much of the serpents poison in us and so many problems and pains. The Lord wants to heal us. Those who are healthy have no need of a physician but those who are ill. May we all have contrite repentant hearts which cling close to Him!


Anaheim, Ca, United States

It is the Lord's move on the earth that will heal God's many sons.



Those who fear Jehovah's name, let the Sun of Righteousness rise and bring healing in His wings to them! Don't you just love His healing touch? Amen, Praise Jehovah! We just love this divine Healer!!!!!! Hallelujah!