Trust Him when thy wants are many

Trust Him when thy wants are many;
  Trust Him when thy friends are few;
And the time of swift temptation
  Is the time to trust Him too.
Trust Him when thy soul is burdened
  With the sense of all its sin;
He will speak the word of pardon,
  He will make thee clean within.
Trust Him for the grace sufficient,
  Ever equal to thy need;
Trust Him always for the answer,
  When in His dear name you plead.
Trust Him for the grace to conquer,
  He is able to subdue;
Trust Him for the power for service;
  Trust Him for the blessing too.
Trust Him when dark doubts assail thee,
  Trust Him when thy strength is small,
Trust Him when to simply trust Him
  Seems the hardest thing of all.
Trust Him; He is ever faithful;
  Trust Him, for His will is best;
Trust Him, for the heart of Jesus
  Is the only place of rest.
Trust Him, then, through cloud or sunshine,
  All thy cares upon Him cast,
Till the storm of life is over,
  And the trusting days are past.
Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

"Behind a frowning providence

He hides a smiling face."

- William Cowper

Marina Sianez

United States

Lord I trust you through this storm. You are faithful and Your will is best! I trust You and I love You Lord Jesus!!

It is very important for us to see that God is always in our circumstances. We may say that the circumstances are actually God coming to us in disguise. (Life study of 1st Corinthians, chapter 42)

Sarah Anne Rolofs

Ochtrup, Munster, Germany

trust him; when dark doubts assail thee;

trust him when your strength is small;

trust himwhen to simply trust him

seems the hardest thing to do:

it is so hard to trust when dark doubts come; but God is always there

to help through dark doubts and fears; heave is not empty; and God is just a prayer away: prayer is a mighty weapon: God bless:


California, United States

God is truly gracious, His Son Jesus is truly Good, by the Holy Spirit we can truly rejoice!


Abuja, Nigeria, Central African Republic

my song of the day,thank you Jesus...


California, United States

O Lord Jesus thank You that you are the only trustworthy One in this universe! Lord I praise You for Your faithfulness! Lord keep us trusting in You always!