When I fear my faith will fail

When I fear my faith will fail,
  Christ will hold me fast;
When the tempter would prevail,
  He can hold me fast.
  He will hold me fast,
  He will hold me fast;
For my Savior loves me so,
    He will hold me fast.
I could never keep my hold,
  He will hold me fast;
For my love is often cold,
  He must hold me fast.
I am precious in His sight,
  He will hold me fast;
Those He saves are His delight,
  He will hold me fast.
He’ll not let my soul be lost,
  Christ will hold me fast;
Bought by Him at such a cost,
  He will hold me fast.
Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

Ada Ruth Habershon was an English book author and hymn writer who wrote the lyrics of the above hymn.

Born on January 8, 1861, in London, she was the daughter of Samuel and Grace Habershon. Her father was an eminent doctor. Raised in a Christian home, Ada became a believer and a devoted Bible student. As a young woman, she attended the preaching services of English Baptist minister Charles Spurgeon. In 1888, she met American evangelist Dwight Moody and singer Ira Sankey on their tour of England. At their request, she visited the United States and gave a series of lectures on the Old Testament.

She later published at least 17 books about the Old Testament and the New Testament. These included “Types in the Old Testament, ” “The Study of the Parables, ” “Hidden Pictures in the Old Testament, or How the New Testament is Concealed in the Old Testament, ” and “The Titles of the Lord of Glory.

“Ada began writing hymns in 1899. She wrote several ones in the German language. When she became ill in 1901, she penned her first ones in English. When evangelist R. A. Torrey and singer Charles Alexander visited Great Britain in 1905, Alexander asked Ada Ruth to write hymns for their evangelistic tours. She consented and eventually sent him more than 200 hymns. These included “Will the Circle be Unbroken? ” “He Will Hold Me Fast, ” “Are You Ready for the Coming? ” and “Meet Me in the Homeland. ” Alexander, who wrote the music, once called Habershon the “best gospel song, writer in the world. ” He also said of her, “she was an invalid all the time, but those who suffer best know how to touch the heart. ”

She died on February 1, 1918, in London at the age of 57. She is buried in the Hampstead Cemetery.

In the United States, “Will the Circle be Unbroken? “ Was discovered by A. P. Carter, a member of the famous Carter family known as the first family of country music. He took the hymn and we worked it into a country song titled “Can the Circle be Unbroken (By and By). ” It was released in 1935.

(thealabamanapyist. org).

This hymn , written circa 1909, titled, “When I fear, my faith will fail” is under the category of Experience of Christ – Trusting Him


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful, powerful song. When my soul is worried, and I realise I'm focussing on worldly things, I sing this song and fix my eyes back onto the Lord Jesus Christ and His Will, instead of mine.


Louisiana, United States

I love the lines:

I am precious in His sight.

Those He saves are His delight.

He’ll not let my soul be lost.

Bought by Him at such a cost,

He will hold me fast.

Sunny Olatunji


Hallelujah.... AMEN

HE will hold us fast...!

Charles Scott

Haberfield, New South Wales, Australia

"I can destroy your faith in less than 30 mins" a work colleague said to me one morning. Then this lovely hymn flooded my mind and brought calm, joy and peace to my soul.


N.P, Florida, United States

Oh Lord! When I fear my faith failed. But thank You Lord that You will hold the fast. There is no one like You who loves me so much, now my heart is crying, knowing that You are the One who cares for me. My mouth doesn't have words to describe how much You mean to me, I can only say that I love You! Praises to You Lord Jesus!

Thanh Le

San Fracisco, CA, United States

Lord hold me fast. Hold me fast Dear Lord! Because my career occupies my time, wordly pleasures attract my soul, the reputation deludes my heart and money deceives my mind then the needs of earthly materials wear out gradually my strenght. O Lord hold me fast! Lest my faith will fail. Mighty Lord hold me fast!

Krystle Roberson

Lumberton, NC

Love these lyrics. Trusting my Savior to the hold me fast.