Holy, happy separation

Holy, happy separation!
They alone are truly blest
Who from all besides retiring,
And Himself alone desiring
Find in Jesus only rest,
Find in Jesus only rest.
Jesus calls to separation,
And Himself hath led the way;
His own life the explanation,
His own life the illustration
Who is ready to obey?
Who is ready to obey?
Blessed Jesus, make us willing,
Thus without the camp to go
Unto Thee in glad subjection,
Unto Thee in Thy rejection,
Unto Thee from all below,
Unto Thee from all below!
Separate from all that grieves Thee,
Separate from sinners too;
Yet, like Thee, for sinners caring,
And, like Thee, with sinners bearing,
Asking, “What would Jesus do?”
Asking, “What would Jesus do?”
Unto Thee! Beloved Master,
Nearer, nearer let us be
Unto Thee in consecration,
Unto Thee in separation,
Ever, only, unto Thee,
Ever, only, unto Thee!

Beirut, Lebanon

And Yes, May we daily be so sensitive and quick to instantly follow the Spirit's every move, thought and feeling, as the God of peace sanctifies us wholly, and may our spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ! Faithful is He who called us who also will do it!

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

In living with and in the Triune God for the fulfillment of His divine purpose it is not a matter of "what would Jesus do?", but a matter of "what is Jesus doing?"

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

I had an experience recently where I just had to praise the Lord that as His child I am truly separated from the World, and the proof of this comes through the world's rejection. At times we go back seeking something in the world but there we find rejection and we find that we are separated. It is like Peter on the night he rejected the Lord. The people knew that he was one who had been with Jesus because his person betrayed him.

I had to praise the Lord that He is the Holy One, the true One, the One who has the Key of David, the One who opens, and no one will shut, and shuts and no one opens. Rev 3:7

Genesis 7:16 And those who went in, male and female of all flesh, went in [the ark] as God had commanded him; and Jehovah shut the door behind him.

The Lord has shut us in forevermore! Hallelujah. Actually, becoming a pillar never to go out again is the reward to he who overcomes in the church of Philadelphia (Rev 3:12). We need to tell the Lord, O Lord in me is still the desire to roam, to have something in this world and of this age to taste. But Lord make my heart the same as Yours when You were on the earth. O Lord separate me unto Yourself. Give me a heart that seeks never to roam but to become a pillar in Your temple.


Bogor, Indonesia

Find in Jesus only rest .. :)