Lord, Thou knowest all the hunger

Lord, Thou knowest all the hunger
  Of the heart that seeks Thee now;
How my soul hath long been craving
  What Thou only canst bestow.
  Seeking now, seeking now,
  Let Thy Spirit meet me now.
Failure in my walk and witness,
  Failure in my work I see;
Fruitless toil, un-Christlike living,
  Calling forth no praise to Thee.
Now to Thee my soul confesses
  All its failure, all its sin;
All the pride, the self-contentment,
  All the “secret faults” within.
Save me from myself, my Father,
  From each subtle form of pride;
Lead me now with Christ to Calvary,
  Show me I with Him have died.
No more let it be my working,
  Nor my wisdom, love, or power,
But the life of Jesus only,
  Passing through me hour by hour.
Let the fulness of Thy Spirit
  Resting on Him cover me.
That the witness borne to others.
  May bring glory, Lord, to Thee.
Father, in Thy Son’s Name pleading.
  I believe my prayer is heard;
And I praise Thee for the answer.
  Resting simply on Thy word.
  Praising now, praising now.
Thou hast answered, Lord, I know.

Ocean City, NJ, United States

This is a beautiful way for us to order our lives