Gathered round Thyself, Lord Jesus

Gathered round Thyself, Lord Jesus,
  We now seek Thy face;
May we know Thy presence with us,
    Lord of grace!
Love divine first drew us to Thee,
  In our sin and need;
For our sin, in deep compassion,
    Thou didst bleed.
Risen Lord, in glory seated,
  We are one with Thee;
Thou hast snapt the chains that bound us,
    We are free.
Gratefully we Thee remember
  As we break the bread,
Symbol of Thy body given
    In our stead.
Drink we too “the cup of blessing”
  Which Thy love has filled;
Through Thy blood we have redemption
    Fears are stilled.
Backward look we, drawn to Calv’ry,
  Musing while we sing;
Forward haste we to Thy coming,
    Lord and King!
Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

See hymn "As gathered in Thy precious name" #218 for a comment by this hymn author's great granddaughter.