The churches are the Body

The churches are the Body
Of Christ on earth today.
They are His testimony,
That He may have a way.
They are the golden lampstands
In cities far and wide.
They are His fighting army,
And His beloved Bride.
  The churches, the churches,
Upon the earth today;
Lord, stir our hearts for Thy desire,
And build us, oh, build us,
Lord, we pray.
Oh, how we need the churches,
All of them, great or small!
We need their many portions
To profit us withal.
Yes, Lord, enlarge the churches;
We love their needs to bear.
Enlarge our hearts, Lord Jesus,
In fellowship and prayer.
The Lord’s eyes o’er the whole earth
Are running to and fro;
Those seven, burning, searching,
Our heart’s desire to know.
His purpose—many churches,
Built up in one accord;
This golden testimony
Will thus express the Lord.
And soon will be the coming
Of our triumphant King!
He’s coming for the churches
Where His sweet praises ring.
Come, Lord, come reap the firstfruits,
As draws the harvest nigh,
And to Thy throne do take us,
To reign with Thee on high.

OKC, OK, United States

Hallelujah for the wonderful marvelous church life! Lord build us today!


Austin, Texas, United States

O Lord Jesus

Maria L

Fremont, CA, United States

Oh Lord Jesus build us in one accord according to your will and purpose! Make us your living testimony expressing Christ alone! Praise the Lord! Christ is our life, church is our living!