O surely I will not come in

O surely I will not come in
  Within my house to stay,
Nor yet give sleep unto my eyes,
  Till Jesus has His way.
Upon the earth, the Lord desires
  A place where He may live;
For this, Thy habitation, Lord,
  Myself I fully give.
We heard of it while yet far off,
  We found it in the way;
We then came up into her courts,
  And here we’ll ever stay.
Arise, O Lord, into Thy rest,
  Thou and Thy ark so strong.
Thy priests are clothed with righteousness;
  Thy saints with joy and song.
The Lord has sworn in truth to us,
  He will not turn away—
His Seed shall sit with Him enthroned,
  And reign with Him for aye.
The Lord hath found a place to dwell,
  Hath chosen Zion fair;
His habitation it will be,
  It is His rest fore’er.
Her food abundant He will bless,
  Her needy, satisfy;
And with salvation clothe her priests,
  And all her want supply.
The horn of David’s budding here,
  A lamp for earth’s dark night.
His enemies are clothed with shame,
  His saints with crowns of light.
And now within these latter days,
  Amidst earth’s dark unrest,
God’s house is being built again
  And all His people blessed.
Secure within the local church,
  With saints in one accord
We meet to just release our praise,
  And thus enjoy the Lord.
Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan

A great song from my favorite Psalm. I would just change the last 4 lines of verse 5. We don't just need to meet together and praise the Lord and be safe, but according to the Psalm we need to be priests clothed with salvation and righteousness to shine the light of Christ to the world.