Press on, press on toward the goal

Press on, press on toward the goal—
  The all-inclusive Christ.
To gain the prize of God’s high call,
  Press on, press on to Christ!
  Pressing on! Pressing on!
Pressing on! Hallelujah for the prize
We’re pressing on! On and on!
  To gain the Christ of God!
Press on, press on, count all things loss.
  All that is gain to us,
To win the prize, the Christ of God,
  Is far more glorious!
Press on, press on to know the Lord
  And resurrection power—
Oh, this is our supreme reward,
  E’en in the suffering hour!
Press on, press on, this one thing do,
  Forget the things behind;
Press onward to the Christ before,
  Press onward with this mind!
Maria L

Fremont, California, United States

Praise the Lord!

We all can testify that simply by turning to the Lord again and again, we are strengthened and encouraged to continue running the Christian race.

Raul Matos

Caracas, Venezuela

Marvelous hymn. Right now we are sharing the ITERO Training about fighting the good fight ttoward the goal shared by Paul in Philippians. Halleluyah Praise The Lord Jesus for His Body His Churh!!!

Selene Leyva Hernandez

Fort Stockton, TX, United States

Hallelujah I have been given another day to press on!! Hallelujah ❤️ what a mercy!! To press on to know the Lord!

James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

Just when I think I have something and am content, the Lord gives me this hymn. Count all things as a loss because of the excellency of Christ. Press on. Forget the things behind good or bad. Press on. Thank you brother Paul for God’s speaking through you in your letter to the Philippians. Wherever we are now, we must press on to Christ our single goal! This must be our experience too.

Rubén Alvarado



Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

To win the prize, the Christ of God,

Is far more glorious!

Br Jeff Hall

Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Overcoming Saints, Press on! not looking to the historical past but to an eternal future of the Divine life as the Bride of Christ as the one new man!

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen !! Hallelujah for this Prize, this Prize is far more Glorious!!!

Hallelujah for Christ!!

Mallory Meade

Austin, TX, United States

Pressing on! Pressing on! Hallelujah for the prize!

Yuri Reyes

Portland, Oregon, United States

Praise the Lord we are pressing on to gain this marvellous Christ of God!!

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