The veil is rent! Lo! Jesus stands

The veil is rent! Lo! Jesus stands
  Before the throne of grace;
And clouds of incense from His hands
  Fill all that glorious place.
His precious blood is sprinkled there,
  Before and on the throne;
And His own wounds in heav’n declare
  His work on earth is done.
’Tis finished!” on the cross He said,
  In agonies and blood;
’Tis finished: now He lives to plead
  Before the face of God.
’Tis finished!” Here our souls can rest,
  His work can never fail;
By Him, our Sacrifice and Priest
  We enter through the veil.

Denver, CO, United States

Within the holiest of all,

Cleansed by His precious blood,

Before Thy throne Thy children fall,

And worship Thee, our God.

Boldly our heart and voice we raise,

His Name, His blood, our plea;

Assured our prayers and songs of praise

Ascend by Him to Thee.

Steve Sims

Amarillo, TX, United States

Wonderful text of the redemption of Christ. There are actually 2 more verses to this song.