Oh, hallelujah, what a death

Oh, hallelujah, what a death
  Christ died upon the cross!
Not only was He dying there
But everything that death did share:
  God was included too,
  All men with me and you—
Oh hallelujah, for such a cross!
Oh, praise the Lord, man died in God
  And to an end was brought!
Now from this man I’m wholly free
For God has terminated me!
  Oh, what a wondrous death,
  Oh, what a wondrous death;
Oh, hallelujah, for such a death!
Oh, praise the Lord, God died in man,
  In man to be released.
The grain of wheat fell to the ground,
And now a multitude is found
  Filled with the life of God,
  Filled with the life of God;
Oh, hallelujah, for such a life!
Lord, how we praise You for Your cross,
  Your all-inclusive death!
The center of the universe,
It has untold, eternal worth!
  Lord, how we love Your cross,
  Lord, how we love Your cross;
Oh, hallelujah, for such a cross!

Vista, CA, United States

Satan once had us and the world his domain in his killing jaws, always lurking, stalking, and seeking like a lion those he can devour.

Not only was He dieing there but •••Everything••• think of it

that death did share. We do not have to fear the second death. Now a multitude of life is found.

Thank You for your all-inclusive death it has untold (as yet, but in ages we all will tell out ) this gift of eternal worth!

Michael Scott

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States

We love His cross.


Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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