One there is above all others

One there is above all others,
    Oh, how He loves!
His is love beyond a brother’s,
    Oh, how He loves!
Earthly friends may fail or leave us,
One day soothe, the next day grieve us;
But this Friend will ne’er deceive us:
    Oh, how He loves!
’Tis eternal life to know Him,
    Oh, how He loves!
Think, oh, think how much we owe Him,
    Oh, how He loves!
With His precious blood He bought us,
In the wilderness He sought us,
To His flock He safely brought us:
    Oh, how He loves!
Blessed Jesus! would you know Him?
    Oh, how He loves!
Give yourselves entirely to Him,
    Oh, how He loves!
Think no longer of the morrow,
From the past new courage borrow,
Jesus carries all your sorrow:
    Oh, how He loves!
All your sins shall be forgiven,
    Oh, how He loves!
Backward shall your foes be driven,
    Oh, how He loves!
Best of blessings He’ll provide you,
Nought but good shall e’er betide you,
Safe to glory He will guide you:
    Oh, how He loves!
John Bardsley

Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia

I had just finished reading Isaiah 61, telling of the faithfulness of the Eternal God to restore us after the devastation of sin, to give us a double portion like his favourite, to dress us in glorious clothes of righteousness and beauty like a bride and groom, to make goodness spring up for all nations like a fertile garden. My heart burst with joy and gratitude, and I remembered this song from my youth.


Los Angeles, California, United States

What a song! We sang this song yesterday in church and it made me shed tears a bit. In all despite the pain, I have learnt to trust in Jesus and try to rest even in the storm because of His love for me. Hallelujah!

Pradeep Kumar Gustuv

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

A beautiful and inspiring hymn describes the eternal love of our redeemer.

Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

Marianne Nunn was born in Colchester, Essex, England on May 17, 1779. She lived a life of seclusion and was unmarried. The hymn was first published by her brother John Nunn, a minister, in the book “Psalms and Hymns”. It was later brought to America in 1830 in a book of collected hymns titled “The Christian Lyre” by Joshua Leavitt.

Ms. Nunn is able to express such an enjoyment of Christ in this hymn. She like Paul could say “The love of Christ constraints us”. In 1847 she went to that friend she had found on the earth and Whose love meant so much to her.

Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

It wonderful hymn reminding us how Jesus loved us and bought us using His own blood. He forgive us our sins, carried away our sorrow and entered to us as the living-giving Spirit.


We sang this hymn at school. It was Sanky 65. We all loved singing this hymn. It brought us tremendous joy even when we didn't realize it.


Hollis, NY, United States

What a hymn of great assurance and encouragement!

God bless the composer and preservers.

Kyeyune Dnaiel

Kampala, Uganda

Great hymn, God bless the composer and all listeners.