Art thou hung'ring for the fulness

Art thou hung'ring for the fulness
  Of the blessing Christ doth give?
Longing now to learn the secret
  Of the life He bids thee live?
In His word thine answer standeth,
  "Christ who is our Life" it saith;
Open now thy heart, and trust Him,
  There to dwell, henceforth, by faith.
Christ, the Lord's Anointed, reigning
  O'er the life He died to win,
Daily shall reveal more fully
  His great power, without, within.
What thou never could'st accomplish
  Shall His Spirit work through thee,
While thy soul this witness beareth,
  'Tis not I, but Christ in me.
In Him dwelleth all God's fulness,
  In Him thou art made complete;
Rise, and claim thy heavenly birthright,
  Kneeling at thy Father's feet.
He will never disappoint thee,
  Praise Him that the gift is thine;
Then go forth to live each moment
  On sufficiency divine.
Lord, I come, and simply resting
  On Thy faithful, changeless word,
I believe the blood doth cleanse me,
  And that Christ is crowned Lord.
Grant henceforth a ceaseless outflow
  Of Thy life and love through me;
Reaching those who sit in darkness,
  Winning priceless souls to Thee.

Keep us resting in thee


Shillong, Meghalaya, India

It's really amazing to listen to this song and music. It gives me a very refreshing mind and the desire to learn these songs. They are really heart touching songs.

If you could send me a copy of them I will grateful to you, so that I can learn as quickly and teach others my fellow Christian. Thank you. God Bless.

Emmaruth Endrinal

Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutan, Malaysia

I am hoping that thru this song, my dad whom I haven't met for 35 years would reconnect with me.

Mario C. Endrinal

San Juan, Batangas City, Philippines

We are created not only to contain food our stomach nor to contain kwoledge our soul but, we are created for God to contain us. AMEN.

Joy Kim

Fullerton, CA, U.S.A.

This song is enjoyable because it tells us that it's nothing we do, but Christ is doing everything for us!

We wonder how we can ever accomplish anything that He expects us to do and everything He expects us to live, but the answer is simply, "CHRIST IS MY LIFE!"

If you're in touch with your spirit, this life will just flow out! He died to win this life for us, now we just have to take it by faith.

Then we just become channels, transparent vessels, expressing what we have within.

So, "Praise Him that the gift is thine!

Then go forth to live each moment

On sufficiency divine!"

Thank You Lord, it can be SO SIMPLE!