Jesus, Fountain of my days

Jesus, Fountain of my days,
  Well-spring of my heart's delight,
Brightness of my morning rays,
  Solace of my hours of night;
When I see Thee, I arise
To the hope of cloudless skies.
Oh, how weary were the years
  Ere Thy form to me was known;
Oh, how gloomy were the fears
  When I seemed to be alone;
I despaired the storm to brave
Till Thy footprints touched the wave.
But Thy presence on the deep
  Calmed the pulses of the sea,
And the waters sank to sleep
  In the rest of seeing Thee;
And my once rebellious will
Heard the mandate, Peace, be still!
Now Thy will and mine are one,
  Heart in heart, and hand in hand;
All the clouds have touched the sun,
  And the ships have reached the land;
For Thy love has said to me,
No more night! and No more sea!
Ana Lara

Tolland, Connecticut, United States

George Matheson was born on March 1842, in Glasgow, the most populous city of Scotland. His Father was George Matheson, a merchant and his mother Jane Matheson- they were second cousins.

George was the eldest of eight children. He was blind from his youth. George was educated in Glasgow Academy and the University of Glasgow where he graduated from logic and philosophy. At age 20, he became completely blind but was determined to enter the ministry and studied theology and history.

In 1879, he earned the degree of Doctor of Divinity and became a fellow at Royal Society of Edinburgh.

He died suddenly of a stroke on August 28, 1906 in Edinburgh and is buried with his father and mother in the Glasgow Necropolis. The grave lies near the summit.

Mr Matheson never married.

(Royal Society of Edinburgh)

Joseph Chang

Burlingame, California, United States

Lord gain me and let me stay in Your presence!

Bell C.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For Thy love has said to me,

No more night! and no more sea!

When the Lord's love take full possession of us, He gently tells us that there's no more night, only light. No more stormy sea, only the New Jerusalem.


Irvine, CA, United States

Now Thy will and mine are one,

Heart in heart, and hand in hand