The good land has been given

The good land has been given—
'Tis Christ in all He is!
Let's claim Him with boldness,
Stand on God's promises!
He's our allotted portion,
So vast, immeasurable!
Unsearchable riches!
He's inexhaustible!
  Look! Milk and honey flowing!
What wealth there is to gain!
We're crossing river Jordan!
We roam no more! We enter in,
Christ to obtain!
Though foes try every tactic
To make us shy away,
We, fearless, march onward,
Much to their great dismay!
Forgetting all our failures,
We're pressing on to seize
The good land, God's interest,
With hearts of full belief!
  The giants may seem mighty,
But God is on our side;
He's fighting for us daily!
"The Nephilim are bread for us!"
We boldly cry!
Let us go up at once and
Possess the land in sight,
For we are well able
To overcome with might!
We care not for the outward;
We hear not Satan's lies.
"Rejoice not against us,
For when we fall, we rise!"
  Though we may feel defeated,
"How can grasshoppers win?"
That's only in our own sight;
So we no more look to ourselves
But unto Him!
We look unto our Captain,
Our Leader and our Way;
We know Him, show strength, and
Take action right away!
We execute His triumph,
Subdue each foe we meet;
Dominion He gives us
To crush them 'neath our feet!
  We're in this all together;
We're fighting corporately!
The warrior-bride we're readying!
The enemy cannot withstand
God's formed army!
'Tis not to win we're fighting;
We fight from victory;
Our Captain is Conqu'ror
And us to glory leads!
Our banners we're unfurling;
Our armor's linen bright;
Our Love finds us lovely;
Our foes are terrified!
  From glory unto glory,
E'er higher we ascend;
We're pressing onward, upward,
Jerusalem to Zion go,
This age to end!
Note on "our armor's linen bright":
The saints fight with soft, linen armor
("Senir" meaning "soft armor" in S.S. 4:8; Rev. 19:14).
Hard metal armor is unnecessary,
for Christ has already won the victory!
Sister Ruth Vali

Tirane, Albania

We’re pressing onward, upward,

Jerusalem to Zion go,

This age to end!