God's Loving Seekers

God's loving seekers will receive,
God's blessing of the light;
When in God's Word we are immersed,
Light shines and life supplies.
  God's loving seekers in the Word,
Enter a realm of light and life,
And they will walk in this light!
God's loving seekers can receive
The water in God's Word;
As we are watered in the Word
God's person is absorbed.
God's loving seekers, in the Word,
Receive the Spirit's breath;
When we inhale the living Word
We exhale sin and death.
God's loving seekers will enjoy
Great blessing rich and full;
God as the Author is conveyed,
Our portion, wonderful.
The loving seekers of God's Word,
Will often see God's face;
His countenance, when lifted up,
Infuse His loving grace.
(Do not repeat Chorus after verse 5)